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Workshop on Nitrogen Assessment Science in the USA

May 18 - 20, 2010
At Millennium Harvest House
Boulder, CO

Confirmed session leaders, speakers, and discussion leaders (unless otherwise noted)


[PDF version]

Day 1 May 18, 2010


Welcome and charge to workshop: Eric Davidson, Woods Hole Research Center [PDF]

Session 1 - Air pollution sources and mitigation

Session leader - Rick Haeuber, EPA

  • NOX emissions - where have we been and where are we going? - H. Christopher Frey , NCSU [PDF]
  • N emissions and the changing landscape of air quality - NOX, NH3 NH4, O3 and PM - Robert W. Pinder, EPA [PDF]
  • N emissions, air quality and N deposition - past trends and future projections. Robin L. Dennis, EPA [PDF]


Session 2 - Impacts of air-­borne excess N

Session leader - Alan Townsend, Univ. of Colorado

  • Air pollution and human health (emphasis on NOX, ozone, and PM 2.5) - Jennifer Peel, Colorado State University [PDF]
  • Sensitivity of high elevation terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems - Jill Baron, USGS [PDF]
  • Carbon cycling and nutrient cycling responses in forests and woodlands - Christy Goodale, Cornell University [PDF]
  • Effects on terrestrial biodiversity and susceptibility to invasive species - Bill Bowman, University of Colorado [PDF]

Day 2 – May 19, 2010


Session 3 - Agriculture sources and mitigation

Session leader Mark David, Univ. of Illinois

  • Overview of N mass balances in agricultural ecosystems, Mississippi River basin budget - Mark David, University of Illinois [PDF]
  • Recoupling agricultural C and N cycles to reduce N cycle impacts - Laurie E. Drinkwater, Cornell University [PDF]
  • Mitigation strategies at edge-of-field, and at the landscape level in non-tile drained landscapes - Richard Lowrance, USDA-ARS [PDF]
  • Mitigation strategies in-field and at edge-of-field in tile drained landscapes - Dan B. Jaynes, USDA-ARS [PDF]


Session 4 - Impacts of excess N in water

Session leader - Mary Ward, NIH/NCI

  • River export of N and coastal and freshwater eutrophication - Robert W. Howarth, Cornell Univeristy [PDF]
  • Overview of health effects of nitrate ingestion from dietary and drinking water sources and cancer and thyroid disease - Mary Ward, NIH/NCI [PDF]
  • Adverse reproductive health effects from nitrate ingestion including methemoglobinemia - Jean Brender, Texas A&M [PDF]
  • Anthropogenic nutrient inputs and infectious disease in humans and wildlife - Piet Johnson, University of Colorado [PDF]

After dinner presentation

  • Communicating nitrogen issues to the media - Penelope Whitney, Resource Media

Day 3 - May 20, 2010


Session 5 -Towards a Nitrogen Assessment for the USA

Session leader – Cheryl Palm, Columbia Univ.

  • Draft report: Integrated Nitrogen Management by the EPA's Science Advisory Board - Jan Willem Erisman, ECN, The Netherlands [PDF]
  • European experiences of N assessment efforts - Mark Sutton, CEH, UK [PDF]
  • Lessons from the Millennium Assessment - Walt Reid, Packard Foundation [PDF]
  • California assessment activities - Tom Tomich, Univ. Calif., Davis [PDF]
  • Chesapeake Bay assessments activities - Tom Jordan, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center [PDF]
  • A proposal for a US assessment, and charge to breakout groups Alan Townsend, Univ. of Colorado, Eric Davidson, Woods Hole Res. Cent