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Managing Denitrification in Human Dominated Landscapes

May 12 - 14, 2009
At The Coastal Institute, Narragansett Bay Campus, University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, RI


How does lake management for improved water quality impact denitrification capacity? A case study from Rotorua, New Zealand. [PPT]
Denise Bruesewitz

Nitrate Loss and Nitrous Oxide Emissions Within Crop Fields and Re-established Riparian Buffers [PDF]
Thomas M. Isenhart

Managing Innovative Onsite Wastewater Treatment at the Local Level [PDF]
Lorraine Joubert

Restoring “hot spots” of denitrification along hydrologic flow-paths [PDF]
Paul Mayer, Sujay Kaushal, Peter Groffman, Ken Forshay, Elise Striz

The performance of RUCK systems in Massachusetts [PDF]
Mike McGrath

Hydrologic dynamics in a Urban Tropical Lagoon, San Juan, Puerto Rico [PPT]
Hamlet-N. Pérez-Villalona, Jorge R. Ortiz-Zayas

Denitrification rates on carbon-amended dairy pastures in New Zealand: can in situ denitrification be manipulated? [PDF]
Stevenson B, Schipper L, McGill, A, Ryburn J, Clark D

Significance of N retention by ponds and reservoirs in the White River Basin of Missouri and Arkansas [PDF]
Thad Scott

Rain garden research at EPA's urban watershed research facility [PPT]
Emilie Stander