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Managing Denitrification in Human Dominated Landscapes

May 12 - 14, 2009
At The Coastal Institute, Narragansett Bay Campus, University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, RI

Confirmed session leaders, speakers, and discussion leaders (unless otherwise noted)


[PDF version]

Day 1 – May 12, 2009

Opening Remarks

Welcome and Logistics - Art Gold, URI
Introduction and Charge: Louis Schipper, U. of Waikato [PDF]

Session 1 - Wastewater Treatment and Management

Session leader - Art Gold
Discussion leader - Stewart Oakley

  • Dimitrios Katehis – Nitrogen removal in large-scale plants [PDF]
  • Stewart Oakley – Challenges and opportunities for denitrification with onsite wastewater treatment [PDF]
  • Lorraine Joubert - Managing innovative onsite wastewater treatment at the local level [PDF]

Session 2 - Managing denitrification at Edge of Field

Session leader - Louis Schipper
Discussion leader - Dan Jaynes

  • Louis Schipper - Enhancing denitrification by incorporating carbon sources [PDF]
  • Will Robertson - Overcoming hydrological barriers/constraints for maximizing denitrification [PDF]
  • Jane Frankenberger - Controlling hydrology in agricultural settings to minimize nitrogen losses [PDF]

Afternoon discussion session

Field Trip:

Rhode Island Coastal Ponds. Challenges and Opportunities for enhancing denitrification in unsewered coastal communities: Innovative Onsite Wastewater Systems and “Edge of Field” In Situ Denitrification Barriers.

Early Evening

Reception and Poster Session

Day 2 – May 13, 2009

Session 3 - Managing denitrification with wetlands

Session/Discussion leader – Mark David

  • Bill Mitsch - Denitrification in wetlands from an ecological perspective [PDF]
  • Bob Kadlec - Denitrification in wetlands from an engineering perspective [PDF]
  • Don Hey - Large engineered wetlands for denitrification to reduce nitrate loads in larger rivers

Session 4 -Managing Nitrogen and Restoring Denitrification in Streams

Session leader - Sujay Kaushal
Discussion leader - Todd Royer/Jenn Tank

  • Todd Royer/Jenn Tank - Optimizing denitrification in agricultural landscapes[PDF]
  • Sujay Kaushal - Denitrification/nitrogen retention in urban stream restoration [PDF]
  • Paul Mayer - Restoring "hot spots" of denitrification along hydrologic flow-paths [PDF]

Afternoon discussion session

Session leader - Louis Schipper

  • Eric Davidson - Overview of Denitrification RCN: Potential Outcomes [PDF]
  • Louis Schipper - Charge for Breakout Sessions: Developing themes/potential topics.

Early Evening

Refreshments and Poster session

Day 3 - May 14, 2009

Session 5 - Incorporating Denitrification Sinks into Local Watershed Management

Session/Discussion leader – Nancy Grimm

  • Art Gold – Geospatial Approaches for Assessing Denitrification Sinks at the Local Level
  • Tim Lawrence – Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing Denitrification in Community Approaches to Stormwater Management [PDF]
  • Deanna Osmond - Improving the effectiveness of local practices and programs to reduce watershed N loading [PDF]

Summary discussions – Breakout groups: Planning and organizing the production of papers or other products

Adjourn at 13:00