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Advancing Methods for Measuring Denitrification in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems

May 27-30, 2008
At Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland, Cambridge, Maryland, USA


NSF Denitrification Research Coordination Network (RCN): Integration across landscapes and waterscapes [PDF]
Sybil Seitzinger and Eric Davidson

A new approach to simultaneous determination of dissolved CO2/N2/O2/Ar, δ13C-CO2, δ15N-N2, and δ 8O-O2 [PDF]
Anthony Aufdenkampe

Ebullition vs. diffusion:  Are bubbles a significant mode of N2O transport from low order streams? [PDF] Helen Baulch, Peter Dillon, Roxane Maranger and Sherry Schiff

Denitrification potential in degraded riparian zones and upslope of a tropical stream, southern Brazil [PDF]
Maira Bezerra, Janaina Braga do Carmo, Jean P.H.B. Ometto, Christopher Neill and Luiz Martinelli

Nitrate reduction pathways in sediments from a Gulf of Mexico cold seep
Marshall Bowles, Samantha Joye

Relationship between watershed land use and denitrification enzyme activity in headwater stream sediments [PDF]
Roger Burke, Ken Fritz, Brent Johnson, Stephanie Fulton, and Chris Barton

Immediate and long-term nitrogen oxide emissions from tropical forest soils exposed to elevated nitrogen input [PDF]
Marife Corre, Birgit Köhler, Edzo Veldkamp, and S. Joseph Wright

Measurements of denitrification and anammox in different sediments and the water column of the Baltic Sea [PDF]
Barbara Deutsch and Maren Voss

Simplifying automated soil core-He/O2 method to measure denitrification end products [PDF]
M. Ibrahim Khalil and K.G. Richards

Quantification of nitrogen removal from Arctic marine sediments and temperature regulation of microbial communities that mediate denitrification and anammox [PDF]
Joel Kostka, Thomas Gihring, Gaute Lavik, and Marcel Kuypers

A comparison of 15N-tracer and direct flux methods for measuring denitrification in Hubbard Brook Forest soils
Madhura Kulkarni and Peter Groffman

Denitrification and nitrous oxide fluxes from organic and conventionally managed frozen soils in the Red River Valley, USA [PDF]
Rebecca Phillips

The effect of micro-bubbles on N2 benthic fluxes [PDF]
Craig Smith and Ralf Haese

Are widespread surface water NO3-DOC relationships the mark of denitrification?
Philip Taylor and Alan Townsend

Estimating denitrification in ditches dominated by different macrophyte types: Preliminary results from a microcosm experiment [PDF]
Annelies Veraart, Wilco de Bruijne, Jeroen de Klein, Marten Scheffer

Using N2/Ar to measure soil surface N2 fluxes [PDF]
Wendy Yang, Jeff Severinghaus, and Whendee Silver