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Advancing Methods for Measuring Denitrification in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems

May 27-30, 2008
At Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland, Cambridge, Maryland, USA


Demonstrated Denitrification Methods

This workshop included hands-on, training demonstrations of several advanced techniques for measuring denitrification in aquatic and terrestrial systems:

  1. Membrane inlet mass spectrometry (MIMS) with Todd Kana
  2. Aquatic denitrification using MIMS N2:Ar with Jeff Cornwell and Mike Owens
  3. Isotope pairing technique (IPT) in sediments with Anne Giblin and Jane Tucker
  4. Gas-flow soil core with N2 chromatography with Klaus Butterbach-Bahl and Nicolas Brueggemann
  5. Groundwater denitrification sampling with Tom Fisher and Anne Gustafson
  6. Whole-reach river denitrification with Andy Laursen

Additional Methods References

  1. Unisense NOx biosensors with Kevin Kroeger
  2. Membrana/Liqui-Cel liquid degassing technology (micromodule) with Mark Altabet
  3. Denitrification methods review with Peter Groffman
  4. MIMS methods sediment probe with Hilairy Hartnett

Hot and Controversial Topics References

  1. Reversal of the net N2 flux with R. Wally Fulweiler
  2. Alternative pathways with Amy Burgin

Below are pertinent references for each technique.  Copyright restrictions prevent the posting of full-text publications on this site.  However, where available, links to papers posted on authors' personal or institutional websites are provided.

N2:Ar Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS)[Also see the online training module]

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Aquatic denitrification using MIMS N2:Ar
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Isotope pairing technique (IPT) in sediments

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Gas-flow soil core with N2 chromatography

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Whole-reach river denitrification [Also see the online training module]
* Data analysis spreadsheet from open-system (Horn Point pond) experiment [Excel]

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Denitrification methods review
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MIMS sediment probe
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Reversal of the net N2 flux
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Alternative pathways
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