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Integration Across Landscapes and Waterscapes



Denitrification Modeling Across Terrestrial, Freshwater and Marine Systems

November 28-30, 2006
At The Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, New York, USA

Breakout Working Group Discussions

Workshop breakout groups provided a critical forum for interaction and discussion between people who model and measure denitrification across a range of different systems to:

  • address how to best model denitrification at the whole watershed scale for each system with current methods,
  • integrate denitrification measurements and models to identify where to improve models and input data, and
  • develop intermediate and long-term goals for improving models to scale up and applied to a range of local, regional and global scales.

Breakout working group discussions are summarized below. We anticipate these draft summaries will be developed into papers to be included in a special issue on denitrification modeling.

  • Incorporating spatially and temporally explicit phenomena (hotspots and hot moments) in denitrification models. Peter Groffman, Lex Bouwman, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Wally Fulweiler, Art Gold, Jen Morse, Emilie Stander, Christina Tague, Christina Tonitto, Philippe Vidon [PDF]
  • Denitrification measurements and modeling in the Merrimack watershed. Beth Boyer and Wil Wollheim [PDF]
  • Modeling denitrification in tile-drained, corn and soybean agricultural fields and watersheds of Illinois. Mark David, Bill Parton, Steve DelGrosso, Greg McIsaac, Christina Tonitto, Mohamed Youssef [PDF]
  • Linking terrestrial and surface water modeling of denitrification: DAYCENT and SPARROW. Bill Parton and Richard Alexander [PDF]
  • Model comparison - parameters, uncertainty and integration for estimating denitrification. Christina Tague and Rob Runkel [PDF]
  • River network denitrification: Measurements and models. Richard Alexander [PDF]
  • Controls and significance of N retention in lakes and reservoirs. John Harrison, Roxane Maranger, Richard Alexander, Jeff Cornwell, Anne Giblin, Pierre-Andre Jacinthe, Emilio Mayorga, Pat Mulholland, Sybil Seitzinger, Wil Wollheim [PDF]
  • State of denitrification modeling in groundwater. Lex Bouwman, H. Behrendt, J.-K. Bohlke, E. Boyer, G. Van Drecht, H. Dürr, A. Gold, R. Kunkel, F. Wendland, M. Youssef [PDF]
  • Complexity in aquatic sediment denitrification modeling. Katja Fennel [PDF]