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Denitrification Modeling Across Terrestrial, Freshwater and Marine Systems

November 28-30, 2006
At The Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, New York, USA

This first workshop in the Denitrification RCN series focused on the modeling of denitrification. The current status as well as new advances in modeling denitrification in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments were covered with an overall emphasis in scaling up from small scales to whole watershed or regional perspectives. The workshop also brought together denitrification measurement and modeling perspectives as these groups need to work in concert with each other for denitrification rates to be obtained at appropriate temporal and spatial scales.

Many of the RCN workshops are envisioned to be joint efforts, with different funding sources and objectives combined in productive ways. For this workshop, combined RCN funding and objectives with the Northeastern Nitrogen Gases Working Group, which is funded by the Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative (NERC).

We would like to thank all the participants in this first Denitrification RCN Workshop. Your important contributions led to its marvelous success.

Co-chairs: Sybil Seitzinger, Eric Davidson, Peter Groffman, Elizabeth Boyer, Rosalynn Lee




Workshop background and goals. Moderator: Rosalynn Lee

  • IES Welcome. Director Gene Likens
  • Introduction. Peter Groffman
  • Toward improved understanding of denitrification across terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems. Eric Davidson & Rosalynn Lee [PDF]
  • Current estimates of the relative magnitude of denitrification across terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems. Sybil Seitzinger [PDF]
  • Current modeling approaches to quantify denitrification across terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems. Beth Boyer [PDF]

Introduction to our case-study watersheds. Moderator: Madhura Kulkarni

  • Merrimack. The N cycle and denitrification in the Hubbard Brook headwaters and beyond. Peter Groffman [PDF]
  • Merrimack. The N cycle and denitrification in the Plum Island Sound and offshore shelf and its integration with the larger watershed. Anne Giblin
  • Illinois. The N cycle and denitrification in the upper Mississippi River basin: tile drained and non-drained agricultural watersheds. Mark David [PDF]
  • Illinois. The N cycle and denitrification in tile drained agricultural watersheds: estimates and modeling. Greg McIsaac [PDF]

Modeling approaches in terrestrial & aquatic ecosystems. Moderators: Wally Fulweiler & Emilie Stander



Considerations for model representations of process-based measurements in various systems. Moderator: Wil Wolheim

Considerations for model development & scaling. Moderator: Emilio Mayorga


Working group reports and plans for future progress.

FRONT (L-R): Pierre-Andre Jacinthe, Emilio Mayorga, Beth Boyer, Sybil Seitzinger, Jen Morse, Alex Rao, Emilie Stander, Christina Tague, Madhura Kulkarni, Rosalynn Lee, Steve Del Grosso. BACK (L-R): Katja Fennel, Greg McIsaac, Wil Wollheim, Lex Bouwman, Peter Groffman, Rob Runkel, John Harrison, Pat Mulholland, Anne Giblin, Christina Tonitto, Richard Alexander, Roxane Maranger, Damian Brady, Art Gold, Bill Parton, Mark David, Craig Tobias, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Philippe Vidon, JK Bohlke, Mohamed Youssef, Eric Davidson, Jeff Cornwell, Marie Thouvenot, Ketil Koop-Jacobsen, Wally Fulweiler, Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas.