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Integration Across Landscapes and Waterscapes

Workshop on Advanced Approaches to Quantify Denitrification

May 3-5, 2004 at The Woods Hole Research Center, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

A 3-day workshop was held in May 2004 of about 50 participants to focus on quantification of N2 production via biological denitrification. The objectives of this workshop were: (1) to evaluate the state of our knowledge of denitrification rates in a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; (2) to compare methodologies that have been adopted by different scientific disciplines, with the expectation that collaborations across disciplines could yield methodological advances; and (3) to chart out the current weaknesses and the actions needed to address those weaknesses for an improved global assessment of where, when, and how much reactive N is converted to N2 in the biosphere. Two important considerations were superimposed over a matrix of ecosystem types and methodological approaches: (1) What are the appropriate scales over which N2 production can and should be measured?; and (2) How can models be integrated with the measurements to improve mechanistic understanding of the processes and permit estimation of fluxes at larger spatial scales, longer temporal scales, and across a range of forecasted scenarios? [Final report] [More...]

Denitrification Across Landscapes and Waterscapes

Ecological Applications, December 2006. Manuscripts resulting from the workshop were published in Ecological Applications as an invited feature issue on denitrification.

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